The relief is always displayed in the symbolic tossing of graduation caps, as the chancellor finally grants graduands the power to read and write. 

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For some, making it simply means doing away with the CATS and exams, and class attendance. 

A few days after graduation, many realize that there’s even a greater exam outside the classroom – showing that you did not go to school in vain. 

Life happens, and without concrete plans other than being alive under this giant blue dome, many opt to go back home. 

One should be careful about going back home after graduation. There are many disadvantages than advantages, many of which will not be visible in the short term. 

These are the reasons you shouldn’t stay at home after graduation; 

Breeds laziness 

There’s one hundred per cent chance that you are not responsible for anything when you are at home. There are no bills to be paid, you may not even be responsible in doing household chores such as cooking and doing dishes, or cleaning the house. 

Your sole responsibility is breathing.

Such a life will only make you lazy and entitled. Get out of your parents home and go to hustle. Feel the biting pinch of life. Get your life. You are not truly living under your parents' roof.  

Does not spark creativity

Your parent’s home may be the promised land, with everything available in unspeakable abundance. Whatever you need is there. Sometimes you borrow money – money which you will never return – if you so desperately need to see your friends slaying. 

Being home does not make you creative. You do not bother finding out ways of making a living if the threat of starving or staying in the dark looms in the horizon. The trouble is, you may get used to the easy life. 

You become an unpaid worker

There are so many things that need to be done around the home. Woe unto to you if you come from a rural setting. You will be required to work on the farm, probably alongside hired farm labourers, and you won’t even get a dime. It looks worse for ladies – household chores are all yours. 

The trouble is that you will look like a spoilt brat if you choose not to work, even if you may be doing something productive.