The vehicle in the Likoni ferry tragedy has been retrieved

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In a video shared by the Kenya Ferry Services, a crane is being used to pull the vehicle from water and load it on a nearby vessel.

When the KCB 289C Toyota ISIS plunged into the Indian Ocean, Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu were aboard.

The car was discovered on Wednesday after divers intensified their search.

“We have ascertained that the number plate of the car in the water is KCB 289C which is similar to the one in question. We have also checked on CCTV footage when the car was on the ferry and confirmed the number plates,” government spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus  Cyrus Oguna was recently quoted by Citizen Digital.

Despite the involvement of several teams including South African divers, Kenyan Army has taken credit for the success.

"We have been having a government multi-agency which involves Kenya Navy, Kenya Ferry Services among others. The entire team is led by Kenya Navy under Col Lawrence Gituma. Those who were leading and had divers were Kenya Navy. Some helped us with cameras but it's Kenya Navy that spotted the vehicle. We are not saying that others didn't contribute but without divers, we wouldn't have made the progress," Oguna said, Wednesday.

Here is the video shared by the Kenya Ferry Services on Twitter.