A Kenyan comedian with a humble beginning as a prankster on NTV in 2013 is revolutionizing online content consumption trends in the country.

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Ajaabu Comedian, ended his 2018 in high spirits after one of his gigs hit a million views on YouTube in 14 days.

Ajaabu with his team produced a video dubbed 'Dawa ya NGUVU ya KIUME', released on their channel late in 2018. In the piece, the team featured the comedian as having difficulties in satisfying his wife in bed.

It starts with the wife complaining about how she had been poorly attended to in bed on the previous night. She then proposes that they seek the help of a Masaai herbalist who they spot from a distance.

While Ajaabu believes only modern medicine would work for him, the wife insists that only the herbs would help him up his game in bed. 

Ajaabu does not even believe he has a problem with the manner in which he serves the wife.

In an interesting twist, the Maasai herbalist asks Ajaabu to give him time to speak to the wife. After a chat with the wife, the Maasai asks for his dues, Sh6,000, but still appears to be interested in her.

"Hii dawa ikikataa kufanya kazi, na mkose kupata watoto ata mimi naweza kusaidia. Sisi Maasai tuko sawa, ni one-touch tu," (If this medicine fails to work and you still fail to make babies, I can be of help to you. We(Maasai) are good in bed, I cannot take long before making a baby) the seductive herbalist claims as he hands Ajaabu's wife a concoction.

Last year alone, the channel grew its audience to 29,000 subscribers.

Ajaabu attributes the growth to consistency in production. He advises that it is easy for one to grow their earning and subscribers on YouTube if they concentrate on ensuring they create good content.

He also runs a news channel named Ajaabu TV and plans are underway to have all his content aggregated on a single website where his fans can access comedy and local news.