Women have a list of things they wish their men knew about them and the relationship.

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They might act in ways likely to signal these things to their men but as usual, men are only used to verbal communication. 

Here are three things women wish their men knew.

1. Anniversaries are a big deal

Women love anniversaries and they can be really hurt if these dates are ignored or left to pass unrecognised. 

While a man can forget their first date, a woman will always mark the dates in her diary so that not a single one passes uncelebrated. 

As a man, always be been keen on key dates in the relationship.

2. Her confidence is fragile

A woman's confidence is too fragile and needs to be taken care of every now and again. How can a man do this?

He needs to tell and show her how much he loves her because this is actually what women need. 

No woman gets tired of being told 'I love you' if at all the love is genuine. As a man, strive to express your love to her as much as you can and never assume that she knows how you feel about her. 

3. Heartbreak

Unlike men, when a woman's heart is broken, it takes ages to heal. Therefore, every single man should learn to avoid things that might break his woman's heart.

Any small heartbreak could make her suffer in regrets until the man comes to recollect her in true faith and pure love.