Opposition activist and controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna lost a golden chance to elevate himself politically courtesy of his 2017 moves.

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As a native of Nyando in Kisumu County, the outspoken barrister missed a point by running for the Nairobi governor's seat and should have settled for the Kisumu seat instead.

And though he was going to lose anyway, he would have prepared the way for himself in the following polls, specifically the 2022 polls.

Being his first shot at an elective seat, he was more likely to win at home as compared to Nairobi where winning appears more complex and tough.

Also, his decision to begin attacking opposition leader Rails Odinga after his (Miguna) deportation to Canada was a miscalculated move which remains his main mistake.

After participating in Raila's mock presidential inauguration on January 30, 2018, he won the hearts of the supporters of Raila who doubles up as the Luo Nyanza kingpin.

Should he have remained calm and humble, he would have had it very easy winning a seat in 2022, especially the Nyando parliamentary or the Kisumu Senatorial seat.

Unfortunately, Miguna remains a strong critic of Raila and hardly a day passes without him sending attacks and insults at the former prime minister.

His attacks have relegated him to a nobody among Luo Nyanza residents and natives of the region, as they will not embrace a person whose main job is to demean their leader.