Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has reacted after a blood article claimed he had impregnated a Kenyatta University Student. On Friday, Sonko dismissed the allegation noting it is meant to taint his repute. 

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According to Sonko, an accusation that he impregnated 19-year-old Dorah Ngui is faked and cooked. 

The city governor revealed the alleged student doesn't exist on social media platforms. On trying to deeply investigate, Sonko noted the story was pulled down. 

"One of the suspects behind the fake story is being pursued. The first person to comment on the blog asking for justice for the 19-year-old student is the very woman who grabbed a Sh300m property belonging to a widow as evident in the attached photo one of her screenshot post. The same woman vowed to bring me down but she won't succeed," Sonko noted on his official Facebook page

Furthermore, Sonko claimed he can't date young girls. He, therefore, accepted to offer Sh5 Million to the writer of the same story if he/she can identify Ngui. According to him, he loves women of his wife structure and not teens. 

"As a father and grandfather of grown-ups and underage girls some of who are also students, I am a man who respects himself and don't mess around with students and under the 20s," he added.