Garlic is a common name when it comes to spicing of food. A large section of us loves the pungent taste and the strong aroma as a result of using garlic.

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The truth is that there is more to this food flavouring agent. 

The tuber is a rich source of nutrients, it’s very important in reducing blood pressure, fighting common cough and cold, among other health-related benefits.

Well, if you are not fully aware of these benefits related to garlic use, don’t hurt yourself trying to think hard about it. The following are proven health benefits of using ginger as a spice in adding flavour to your meal.

1. Vitamins and minerals

This food flavouring tuber, a close relative of the onions, is an excellent source of important minerals like Potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, and trace minerals such as chlorine, iodine, and sulfur. Additionally, garlic is a rich source of vitamins, which include vitamin B6, B3, vitamin A, and vitamin C among others.

2. Garlic has a lot of medicinal properties

The herb, though famous to many for its delicious and strong smell, the major use garlic since the early days has been due to its medicinal benefits. 

The sulfur compounds contained in the herb play a great role in relation to the fighting of diseases and ailments.

3. Enhancing your digestion

Increased consumption of garlic plays a crucial role in getting rid of any digestion related problems. 

Actually, the tasty herb is useful in fighting warms, diarrhoea, and dysentery. It plays a substantial role in destroying harmful bacteria. All this leads to improved digestion. Moreover, garlic is useful in releasing gas from the stomach.

4. Garlic is helpful in reducing the chances of stroke and heart attack

Garlic has active compounds that are crucial in reducing hypertension or blood pressure. 

Blood pressure is the chief facilitating agent in relation to stroke and heart attack occurrence. Studies have shown that garlic is very useful in lowering blood pressure for people suffering from the disease.