Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris received the shock of her life yesterday, Thursday mid-night after she was confronted by a drunk man, an employee at St Mary’s Hospital in Nairobi.

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Passaris was at the facility to oversee the release of a patient who had been detained for lack of cash to pay for the bills. Unfortunately, the unnamed man, who had been allowed in by security guards “attacked” her along the hospital corridors while the security guards watched.

In a video Passaris posted on her Instagram wall, Passaris decried lack of proper checkups in allowing people into the hospital at the gate whether they are senior staffs or not. 

She captioned the video

“Being confronted by a drunk employee at St Mary’s Hospital.”

“Can he go into a ward and rape a woman? Are you sure? What is he doing in the facility if he is drunk? He is an employee, he is drunk, and he is confronting me. You are security, and you have let him go in, a drunk man who doesn’t have control of his senses,” she said.

“This is a hospital with vulnerable women and patients. We know about patients being raped. What is a drunk employee doing at the hospital facility after midnight?” she continued.