In Nairobi, life is experienced in different ways. 

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Many young people who don’t have jobs go through certain up and downs in making a living in the capital city. 

For Rebecca Atieno, a 20 years old who gave birth at Uhuru Park moments after being fired from her job, life had been full of stress. 

Speaking out in recent times, the young lady gave a full description of her life.

She had been employed in a hotel within the Nairobi Business District (CBD). Unfortunately, her boss fired her for allegedly being too lazy. 

The previous night, she had been locked out of her room after failing to allegedly pay some money.  

Having nowhere else to go after getting fired, she headed to Uhuru Park. While trying to figure out how her life was going to be, she felt pressed. Again, she didn’t have the Sh10 to pay for a public toilet.

 “I did not have Sh10 and my phone was switched off, the attendant forced me to surrender the handset so she could let me use the facility,” said Atieno.

While still in the confusion of how things are unfolding in her life, her water broke, then the labor pains.  

She delivered safely on her own. She wrapped her bouncing baby girl in her sweater and laid down helpless. 

Fortunately, good Samaritans came by. Aid workers were called and she was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital. Well-wishers donated to her a Maasai blanket and a pack of diapers for her baby girl.

Her life after the hospital remains a mystery as she has no home nor job to go to. 

Also, she separated with the father of her baby who stays in Kisumu.