They say curiosity killed the cat, so if you ever find yourself been curious about your partner's phone then be careful because it may kill your relationship.

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If you have been thinking of snooping at your partner's phone, then below are some reasons why you should avoid that,

Compromises trust

Going through his phone may be good for you until you are caught when your partner finds that you are spying on them this to them will mean that you don’t trust them.

 It’s highly addictive

When you start snooping on your partner’s phone it’s very difficult to stop. When you don’t find something incriminating you will keep been tempted to go back and look for something.

It brings feelings of guilt

When you go through your partner's phone and you don’t find what you are looking for then you will realize it was unnecessary and foolish to spy on someone who is innocent.

It may cause problems you don’t need

If you happen to find something suspecting in your partner's phone then you confront them and find out that it was not what you were thinking then this will cause you problems that you are not supposed to have.

You are setting your relationship back

Whether you find what you are looking for or not, going through your partner’s phone may raise issues that may set your relationship back. Having insecurities in your relationship means that you are not headed towards the right direction.