Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has come out to defend remarks he made against President Uhuru Kenyatta on the eve of New Year at Thika Stadium.

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In a video being shared across various social media platforms, a tipsy Kuria is captured lecturing Uhuru for failing to launch 'serious' projects in his home county of Kiambu at a time he had been initiating multi-billion projects in other areas.

The vocal MP tells the Head of State 'ndugutukua wana' (you won't take us for granted) and accused him of using his residents in his backyard as 'voting machines'.

"We can no longer accept to be treated the way we are being treated. When the President goes to other places, he launches road, water and electricity projects but here in our county he only gives certificates to alcoholics (in rehab centres)," said Kuria in this video.

The remarks have attracted a lot of criticism as some Kenyans on social media have accused the MP of being 'selfish and tribal' for demanding development only for his backyard.

"@UKenyatta is the president of Kenya not president of his ethnic group. Please endeavour to fan the flame that builds Kenya not that which destroys her," said Ogacho Okuta on Twitter.

But Kuria defended his sentiments arguing as an elected legislator it was his duty to represent his people first by airing their wishes to the highest office in the land.

"We don’t demand development because the President is from our community. We demand because we deserve," he said.

"For us to build bridges we have to stop being pretentious about the rights of our constituents. If all regions are strong, Kenya is strong. I have a legitimate duty to hunt for my people," Kuria added.