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This is why most university students prefer living in bedsitters

Jasmine Die'rre
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Bedsitter is a type of rental rooms that is now common to many, especially university students.

Nearly 80% of university students in Kenya who don’t live in hostels prefer renting bedsitters.

Some people may not have a clue, but there are reasons why Kenyan university students prefer bedsitters than any other type of rental houses.

Here are some of the reasons why bedsitters are mostly preferred:

1. They are cheap

When it comes to renting a house, one needs to pay monthly rent.

One needs to consider the amount of money he or she is going to pay for rent even before moving into a rental house.

Most bedsitters are said to be cheap, and therefore, most students can easily pay for them, even those who depend on their parents and guardians.

2. Allows privacy

Bedsitters are multifunctional; they contain both washroom and bathroom, and a small room on the side for sleeping and cooking, this is what makes it unique.

Most students love this as it as it allows them to have some personal space since they don’t have to share washrooms.

3. Spacious

Most students don’t have a lot of belongings. Hence they find no need to search for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom house.

Because of that reason, they find bedsitters spacious enough to keep everything they have and need just to take them through their university life.


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