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City lawyer blasts Lusaka over politicking in funerals

Okilipa Xaviour
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Lawyer Donald Kipkorir. (Source: @DavidEtyang/facebook)

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has blasted the speaker of the Senate of not playing within the confines of the law on being impartial bearing the nature of his office as an 'arbiter' in the Kenyan Parliament.

Taking to his twitter handle on Monday the Lawyer noted that Lusaka has been politicking alongside the Deputy President in as much as he serves as the Senate Speaker.

Kipkorir further posited that in mature and civilized democracies by the country's law and legal traditions, the speakers of Parliament are expected to be neutral once elected to such coveted positions as parliament is an independent entity.

"In mature and civilized Democracies, by law and tradition, Speakers Of Parliament are politically Neutral once elected,"tweeted Kipkorir

He added that the former Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has never missed political rallies in funerals and church fundraisers where he speaks of the 2022 succession politics.

"...But Senate Speaker has never missed 2022 Rallies, Funerals and Church Fundraisers .."added the lawyer

The City 'tycoon' lawyer remarked that while politicizing his position as the senate speaker, Lusaka does not find time to work neutrally questioning reasons he has never been leant from his National Assembly counterpart Justin Muturi.

"When does he work for the Senate? Didn’t my friend JB Muturi orientate him?"he retorted

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