Former Kenyatta University student leader Lone Felix has expressed his concerns over the hacking of a 6th-year Moi University medical student Ivy Wangeci to death.

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Wangeci was killed on Tuesday near the Moi Teaching Referral and Hospital by an alleged boyfriend, Naftali Kinuthia Njahi.  

Lone Felix, a businessman and politician who unsuccessfully vied for Busia County Senatorial seat in the last general elections, has passed his condolences to the deceased family.

He has also listed five concerns that are surrounding the killing of Ivy Wangeci. Here are his concerns:

1. How information is spread about the case

According to Lone, the information being shared by different people on social media and even blogs are not factual as police officers had not investigated the matter, but those receiving this piece of information are buying it. 

"Yet, this misinformation become the "Facts" of how the discussion is carried on. We judge, distort and assail character based on falsehoods and emotions," he posted.

2. The killing can never be justified at any cost.

"Don't at any point imagine that this should be explained away," he said.

3. Generation is sinking back into condoning violence against women

In Felix's view, people are making careers out of objectifying women and Kenyans give them an audience. He says this tendency should be brought to an end for a better Kenya.

4. Expect disappointments in life

He said people might invest so much into something, into love, only for the said love to disappear at the end of the day.

He advises that but that should not make one, the investor, to think of revenge, let it go.

5. Everyone should speak out

Felix said, just like the killing of Wangeci, most cases happen in broad daylight.

He urges members of the public to always raise an alarm when something bad happens. He said people should speak out and share out their problems with people they trust so that they do not end up doing what Kinuthia did.

"Report, seek help. Don't ever excuse physical violence or excessively out of the ordinary behaviour," he concluded.