Opposition chief Raila Odinga enjoys an almost absolute backing in his Luo Nyanza bedrock.

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This has over the years made people opposed to him and questioning or condemning him victims of his many supporters.

Musicians have also found themselves on the receiving end for questioning Raila or praising his rivals.

A good example being benga star Atommy Sifa who released a campaign song for President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the 2017 elections, at a time when the two did not see eye to eye.

Sifa was forced to flee to Tanzania from his home in Karachunyo after Raila's supporters were displeased with his song entitled 'Uhuru Nyale' (Uhuru is capable).

However, Ohangla star Emma Jalamo seems to have avoided the same despite questioning Raila's numerous failures to deliver the presidency to Nyanza in his song named 'Raila'.

In the track Raila released before the polls, Emma urges Raila to switch to Plan B as his first plan which he has been using seems not enough to hand him the win and is only shaming him.

"Wuod Nyalego miwa Plan B. Raila miwa plan B (Son of Nyalego give us the Plan B, Raila we need the Plan B)," he sings in the track.

He goes ahead to castigate Raila for over depending on democracy, urging him to switch to a more forceful way of ascending to power, or play 'dirty' as he has been accusing his rivals of doing so.

"Raila telo ikawo, telo okmi ng'ato (Raila power is taken it's not given)," sings Emma.

However, what seems to have landed him on the right side of Raila's supporters and even made the song a hit is that he goes ahead to hail the former Premier for his achievements.

"Raila okelo dongruok donge waneno, Raila okelo katiba donge waneno (Raila has brought development and a constitution, we can see that)," he sings.

Here is a video of the track