Marriage is a blessed institution. Dealing with intruders can be tricky if your bond is not strong enough. There are things you must do to save your union at the end of the day. 

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Most marriages collapse because one of the partners tolerate nonsense from intruders. Never give room to these individuals to bring you down at any time. 

Here are three ways to handle 3rd-party-marriage intruders;

1. Stop entertaining them

Do not tolerate or treat third party intruders. Make sure you stick on your lane all the time. Know what you want in life and adhere to the same. Concentrate on the things that matter most in life. Never entertain any form of nonsense from them if you're going to be happy in your marriage in the long run.

2. Set boundaries and stick to them

Boundaries are essential if you want to realize happiness in your relationship. Create some rules of the game and stick to them. Play by the set of boundaries you have created for the sake of your growth. Do not give anyone room to spoil the excellent relationship you share with your partner.

3. Talk to your partner

Communication is vital in a relationship. Embrace excellent and timely communication. If you have anything, do not feel shy to tell your partner about the same. Let your partner understand the way you think of him or her all the time. Through communication, you will realize a sense of satisfaction in everything you do at the end of the day. Talk about different marriage intruders.