Following numerous complaints by Safaricom customers on fast depletion of data bundles, the company is said to be mulling over a new data plan. 

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The new data plan will see customers having control over their internet usage by choosing their ideal internet speeds while browsing.

The new plan will involve the introduction of new tools that will enhance transparency in the usage of internet. This is a notch higher in mobile internet control for Safaricom customers since the introduction of data manager which shields customers’ credit once the subscribed data is exhausted. 

The tools will also notify customers of any abnormal spikes in data usage such as in the case of auto-updating of apps and software, online video streaming and archiving of multimedia content.

Safaricom has seen rising criticism by its subscribers over its data billing rates with the majority of its over 10 million mobile data users expressing discontent. This has resulted in bad user experience and customer rating. 

Consequentially, other players in the market such as Telkom and Airtel Kenya are seeking to woe these discontented customers through the introduction of seemingly affordable data tariffs.

However, it remains to be seen whether the new data plan will assert Safaricom’s dominance in the mobile data market in Kenya. 

This is in comparison with the data plans of the competitors such as Airtel Kenya which offers an Unlimited package that enables users to be connected to the internet throughout a given period at a fixed rate.