Political analyst Dennis Anyonka has claimed Kenyans will not have the final say on who becomes president in 2022, despite having the vote, which is the election tool.

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Speaking on Monday, he said while Kenyans will have their say through their vote in the general poll, the decision will largely lie in the hands of the deep-state.

He described the deep-state as persons with massive investments in the country, and who influence the result with an eye on the safety of their investment and interest.

"There are forces which lack a constitutional backing; people with heavy investments in the country and who decide who leads, they are called the deep-state (Kuna nguvu fulani ambazo sio constitutional; watu ambao wameinvest heavily kwa nchi na hao ndio wanaamua nani ataongoza nchi, wanaitwa deep-state)," he said on Radio Maisha.

He said the deep-state, who exist across the world, will only accept a person who can safeguard their political interests and protect their investments.

Anyonka argued that this leaves out people who are considered dangerous, whom he said might not make it to the presidency even if they have the backing of the people.

"In 2022, the deep state will check and examine the candidates and even if Kenyans will decide, the deep state will tilt the outcome (Tukienda 2022 deep-state wataangalia na kuexamine wale watasimama na hata kama wananchi wataamua, deep state watatilt the outcome)," he added.