It is not an easy task to get the right partner nowadays. Most ladies, after schooling, prefer reaching out to the world, before the thought of marriage dawns on them.

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This results in delaying the men who are most ready to start a family.

Late marriage is not well advocated for by men as it brings less pleasure and fun compared to being in a complete family with a wife and children, of which you will draw all your interest and attention to them.

Here are some common characteristics in all ladies ready for marriage;

1. Mode of communication

Their mode of communication is always friendly and calm, they always talk sense concerning life issues and always start a healthy conversation whenever you are in their company.

2. Dress code

They always dress decently by wearing clothes that do not expose their bodies but fitting clothes. Their dress code is always flawless.

3. They are generous

This kind of ladies will never let you starve whenever you pay them a visit. They will always prepare you something to eat or drink, which will assure you that she is a good and caring woman.