Mwala Member of Parliament Vincent Musau has hit out at bar owners who have opened their businesses close to learning institutions.

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Speaking in Makutano on Saturday, Musau told journalists that bars and clubs near schools have contributed to vices among school kids.

He observed that a lot of school children have ventured into drug and substance abuse because the joints are available to them by being near the schools.

"Imagine a bar or club situated less than 300 metres radius from a school, filled with drunk people, what spectacle will they be serving the students," said Musau.

"How do you expect a school kid to concentrate in class when just outside the gate there is a bar. Unless we are engrossed in making money without thinking of the generation we are raising," he added.

The MP urged residents in Machakos to report any clubs or bars situated near schools for the law to take it so course.

He said the closure of such joints will reduce the number of learners consuming alcohol and truancy.