Jawabu studios producer John Basil alias Jawabu Umri has rubbished Kamba gospel singer Stephen Kasolo's claims that Rose Muhando permitted him to share her video on his YouTube channel.

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Speaking to Hivisasa on Thursday from his studio in Machakos town, Basil said that it was bad for Kasolo to "steal" muhando's song and share without his consent as the producer.

"Kasolo stole the song and posted it on his channel without my consent. I am the one holding the song's rights since it has not been for. How can he upload it?"  the producer asked.

According to Basil who is behind Kasolo's "Yesu Nde compe" song which bagged the Groove Awards 2017 song of the year eastern counties title; another hit,  "Uhuru Kenyatta" which is the latest by Muhando praising President Uhuru Kenyatta was not even fully recorded.

"The song was still in my hands so Kasolo stole it. The song was not even fully recorded," he added.

Basil who has also produced many songs for Rose Muhando like 'Wacha wakae" and "watangoja sana" featuring Jose Drama observed that Kasolo insulted him when he reached out to him over this issue.

"I asked him why he did that and he had no authority. Instead of talking nicely, he started throwing words at me and called me stupid. Even Ringtone didn't threaten him. He just told him what he did was not good at all," added Basil

Earlier Kasolo through his Facebook account said that Ringtone threatened his life after he shared Muhando's video.

In his defence, Kasolo claimed that Muhando asked him to share the content on his YouTube channel.

Efforts by Hivisasa to reach Kasolo hit a snag as calls went unanswered.