Luos are the makers of some of the best tunes in the nation, some of which have proceeded to be accepted across the country.

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The beats and creativity in Luo songs endear them to many.

Here are some of the best Luo love songs.

1. Nyar Kasulle

The track was done by the late Jerry Kajon Jalamo, once a bouncer of departed maestro Okatch Biggy who died in 1997.

In the song, Jalamo praises Okinyo Nyar Kasulle (Akinyi of Kasulle), as being one of Kano's prettiest woman, this being one of the Luo songs that has received the highest airplay.

He says "Jokano unyuolo mokalo apima" (the people of Kano have delivered a fine woman whose beauty cannot be measured).

2. Hera Remo

This is one of the most recent love songs that seem to be giving old ones a run for their money.

In the song whose tittle translates to 'love is blood', Musa Jakadala narrates about his first love, and how she agreed to go with him to his home when he was still young.

He hails the woman as a beautiful girl who resembles 'Nyar Kingi' (a king's daughter).

3. Nyathi Nyakatch

Nyathi Nyakatch (daughter of Nyakatch), was released in 1996 by Okatch Biggy.

In the song, Okatch explains that he is willing to do anything for his love, Lizzy, including crossing over to Nyakatch from his home in Gem, despite the 'asere' (arrows) of Nyakatch.