A man from the Coast region has asked Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga to allow him to marry his daughter Winnie Odinga. 

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In a tweet on Thursday, Sammy Gunga requested Raila to permit him to marry Winnie based on the love the opposition supporter has towards the veteran politician.

“For the love I have for you Baba, please allow me to marry your daughter @Winnie_Odinga,” tweeted @SammyGunga.

Gunga received overwhelming support from various quotas. Most begged Winnie not to disappoint the courageous man.

“I love this kind of Mijikenda courage @winnie_odinga on behalf of all coasterians I beg you, give him a chance am pretty sure you won't regret,” @kagayuga wrote.

Her reply was positive but promised to consult her mother, Ida Odinga.

“That is beautiful! Meanwhile, @sammygunga is proposing to me in a tweet declaring love to my father. Yawa,” Winnie replied.

After the reply, Gunga explained himself further.

“To be honest your father has been my favorite politician all the time. I love him like my own father, trust him with my life, I have been voting for him since I registered as a voter. on the other hand, I truly love you, you are the only one my heart desire,” Gunga explained.