Despite a series of past online criticism of its radio head, Nancy Omweri alias Nana, Egesa FM is still a favourite vernacular radio station among Kisii listeners.

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So threatening were the attacks on her that they caused an audience scare on the radio station, this year.

Royal Media Services had distanced itself from the late Joseph Mochere alias Okebiro O' Mose following his death, leading to questions why the media company never employed him throughout the period he rocked the airwaves.

The fans could later castigate the administration over the issue with Nancy Omweri sponging most of the insults.

 They accused her of not putting enough effort that could have seen the late Joseph Mochere, her co-host in the widely listened to 'Omogusii nekebago' show, deployed with the leading media company.

The ensuing public rage only bolstered its likeability in Gusii region because of a number of reasons.

1. Its large audience

Egesa FM transmits its broadcasts to different parts of Kenya with the entire Gusii region relying on it for information and entertainment.

It's rival, Minto FM, a government broadcaster, is the only aggressive vernacular competitor.

While those that are still sprouting are yet to transmit their broadcasts beyond the Kisii land, making them lag several miles behind.

2. Big names

Egesa FM is the only vernacular radio station in Gusii that brags of big names in the media industry.

The big names control a large audience because of their fame which strengthens the radio station.

Big names such as Sorobi Moturi Erastus, Lawrence Nyakundi, Nancy Kwamboka and Kaka Williams Atandi give Egesa FM authority over its audience.

3. Its diverse programmes

Egesa FM is one of the media stations that care for its audience needs.

It has a well-selected radio programmes fit in well to children, youths and even old people.