Football has billions of passionate and craziest followers worldwide as compared to other sports.

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Whether you are a football fan or player watching the game on a screen or the pitch, it introduces some goodness not only for your eyes but your brain and health too.

These are four reasons why you should start watching football, if you don't;

1. For motivational purposes

Some football players come from low-income family mostly in the developing countries but they now hold trophies in their hands and play for great football clubs. This story will inspire you as you will come to understand that enthusiasm, hardworking and passion are keys that help us achieve success like them.

2. For Fun

Watching football creates a great dramatic debate and even fun. Big matches tend to be a particular thing that everyone enjoys.

Special matches like AFC leopards versus Gor Mahia or when Manchester United is facing Arsenal makes fans to have more fun.

3. Promotes values

Football watching promotes values like unity, improves intelligence and health. Football has a universal language and is used as a platform for cooperation and action.

4. Stimulates our brains

When your team is playing, you will cheer, scream or jump up and down. This activity stimulates our brain. Watching football improves your moods during the depression and also stimulates neuronal activities in the brain.