As one of the many suicidal deaths being experienced in Kisii, a man has committed suicide by hanging self after what his first and second wives did.

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This happened in Iranda Mosocho Kisii County after the family members went to the man's house on Wednesday morning only to be shocked when they saw his dead body dangling from a tree in a nearby maize plantation.

Reports indicate that the man had married the first wife who ran away never to come back. The man therefore remarried and the second wife equally ran away leaving him lonely. According to the family members, this must have prompted the man to commit the sinful act.

"The man married the first wife who ran away for many days now without a trace. He resorted to remarry and the second wife also ran away. This must have prompted the man to end his life," reported a local radio station.

The residents were shocked by the nature of his death. One of his legs rested on the ground with the other folded while dangling from the tree. The residents were urged not to end their lives as death is not a solution to one's problems.