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Three male body languages every woman should know

Nyamu Wa Mwombe
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The dating world has made many to believe that body language is reserved for women. 

This has made it tough for women to read the body languages frequently used by men who like them, but are afraid to approach them. 

Here are three male body languages every woman should know:

1. Eyes

You should never ignore these windows to his soul. 

Be keen on where he is looking while you talk. 

Looking at you and maintaining an eye contact means he finds you attractive. 

In case he is always on his phone, then you are not lucky. 

You should also watch out for dilated pupils. If they are dilated, he likes you.

2. Posture

His posture while talking to you also speaks volumes.

It can reveal if he is interested or eagerly waiting for you to leave. 

In case he is leaning towards you as you talk, he is attracted to you. 

However, if he leans away from you, you might never hear from him after your date.

3. Smile

You should also observe his facial expression which is an important body language.

If you find him smiling, he is indeed enjoying your company. 

However, you should note that most men are not fond of smiling ear to ear.

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