All men eyeing Akothee have been warned and urged to stay away from her.

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The mother of five shared a video on her Instagram page where she was having a conversation with her son before the young boy broke the news on top of his voice.

The boy said he did not want any man to stay at their home or come close to his mother, something he considered as 'disturbing my mother'.

"Because I wanted to say NO, I don't want them here, I don't want them to stay here, I don't want them to disturb my mother. They want to steal my mother and hide her," shouted the boy.

When the singer wanted to know more why her son did not want any single man near to her, the boy just gave a simple answer, "because you are my mother".

Last week, a 16-year-old boy in Kericho stabbed and killed his mother's lover. It was alleged the boy had earlier warned the lover to stay away from their home. The boy did not want the old man be his mother's lover.

"The young man had banished the man from the compound before and when he found him having sex with his mother in the kitchen, he lost his temper. He beat the old man before picking a knife and stabbing him twice in the chest," said the area Chief, Anderson Rotich as quoted by the Standard 

Akothee's son concluded with a warning to the men that he will hit them if they don't stay away from Akothee's life.

"Stay away from my mother, all men, stay away or I will hit you," he concluded.

However, some people have termed this conversation as childish and cold threats

Here is the video: