Kesses MP Dr Swarup Mishra has tabled a Bill seeking to bar Kenyans from seeking treatment abroad in a quest to improve the health sector in the country. 

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The Health Amendment Bill, 2019 proposes that Kenyans will only be allowed to seek medication overseas if the health condition is critical. The move will take effect if the new Bill is passed into law.

According to the lawmaker, there is no reason for wealthy Kenyans to seek treatment abroad when local health units have what it takes to offer treatment of the conditions in questions. He opines that politicians and other wealthy businessmen have embarrassed the country by seeking treatment abroad when their conditions are minor and they can be treated locally.

The Health Cabinet Secretary is expected to develop some guidelines all Kenyans will be expected to follow if they want to be treated outside the country. 

Mishra who is the Vice Chairperson of the National Parliament Health Committee, says, in the Bill, that some rogue health officers in the country have taken advantage of the same to refer simple medical cases to facilities overseas so that they can get some money at the end of the day.

“The policy guidelines shall ensure that adequate measures are taken to establish whether the health institutions to which a patient is referred outside the country possess the adequate health equipment and health personnel,” reads the Bill, as quoted by the Standard.