Most women find it hard to make a man interested in her after their first date. Like it has been in our 'African traditional rule', women expect a man to make everything happen after the first date, but how long will you wait if he is not showing up any sign?

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It is the highest time women go for what pleases them, after all, it is for your own happiness.

After a date with him and you feel he had an interest in you, don't hesitate to influence him to show up his true colours.

Here are some key tricks you should consider to keep him interested after the first date:

1. Show that you also interested

Some guys might think you did not like them during your first date thus staying mute, to prove them wrong, strike. 

'Hey' them and let the magic unfold from there. Just send him a 'thank you' message for the date, thereafter he will keep it going.

2. Be clear about how you feel

If you enjoyed the date and developed interest, speak it out, express how you felt and be heard. 

If he had thought otherwise, he will respond positively and be sure of a relationship with him.

3. Spark your conversation

This is the point where you make it best when it is only good, that is, if he starts a conversation after the first date, then it is your chance to make it juicy so that you earn his interest.