Controversial lawyer and socio-political commentator Miguna Miguna is set to release his new book later this month.

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The book, titled 'Treason: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades', is as explosive as his previous books.

According to its blurb, it will chronicle the lawyer's involvement in Raila Odinga's mock inauguration that brought Kenya's political crisis to a head.

Readers will be treated to the intrigues and tensions that preceded the swearing-in that scores saw as treasonous.

Miguna also focuses on the raids to his house by law enforcement officers after the swearing-in and his subsequent deportation to Canada after a dramatic tussle with immigration authorities.

It's release come in the context of his falling out with veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga whom he has accused of betrayal.

The self-described general will also share his frustrations with Odinga and his opposition to the dramatic handshake that calmed political tensions in Kenya

Flaunted in the controversial book is the contention that President Uhuru Kenyatta lost his re-election in 2017 and his victory was doctored. 

He maintains that he is a bonafide Kenyan citizen and his deportation to Canada was unconstitutional.

January 26 has been cited as the official launch date of the book.