It can be stressful for a parent to convince a little baby to eat solid foods when they are completely disinterested. However, it is important to note that most babies refuse to eat solid foods either because they are tired, uncomfortable or full.

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Here's what to do when your baby won't eat solid foods.

1. Be creative

Once you realise your baby refuses to take his/her meals unpredictably, try changing either the place you feed him/her, the times of feeding or how you hold them during feeding. Such simple tricks can improve your baby's feeding patterns.

2. Encourage the baby to touch the food

Most babies put anything they hold with their hands into their mouths. You can encourage your child to take solid foods by putting small pieces of any meal served in a bowl and allowing them to touch it. They will end up feeding themselves from time to time.

3. Try different types of solid foods

Even though most babies do prefer sweet or sugary foods, it is important to try different foods with different tastes hence giving your baby a wide range of foods to comfortably choose from.

4. Be consistent and patient

Spending your resources and also taking your time to prepare a meal for your little baby then he/she refuses to eat can be quite frustrating. According to Ali J. Chernoff, a dietitian, it is important to exercise patience and keep trying. You might end up being mesmerized by the difference within a few days.