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AfDB to improve Busia sewerage systems

Rachael Atieno

Busia Ag Water Bernard Yaite CeC and Chief Officer Moses Weunda during the pre-proposal meeting of designing sewerage infrastructure in Busia and Nambale, January 11, 2018. [Photo|BCG]

Busia, Nambale and Malaba towns will benefit from improved sewerage infrastructure courtesy of the African Development Bank (AfDB) with the technical support from Busia County Government and Lake Victoria North Water Services Board.

Busia County Ag Executive Committee Member for Water, Irrigation, Environment and Natural Resources Bernard Yaite said the project will improve sanitation in the three towns from the current 16 per cent to 67 per cent.

Speaking after a pre-proposal meeting at the Water offices in Busia town on Thursday, Yaite said the target is to increase network expansion and improve water reservoir in the three towns.

"With the network expansion and improvement many people will not need to build septic facilities but will connect to our sewer lines. That is going to improve the sanitation in the county and also protect our water reservoirs," he said.

Chief Officer in the Department Moses Weunda said the existing sewerage infrastructure cannot serve the county after 2021, thus the need to have an alternative arrangement to address the impending catastrophe.

"They will present their proposals on January 31st. Thereafter evaluation will be done to choose the best among them to be given the assignment of designing the facility. which will be ready by April," he said.

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