Poa! Internet is launching low-cost internet for youths in Kibera and Kawangware  Photo/Dhahabu

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Thanks to Poa! Internet, youths in Kibera and Kawangware will soon be able to enjoy affordable data after the internet provider, launched unlimited bundles starting from Sh10 per hour.

“We believe the move to such cheap unlimited data will transform the way our customers use the internet,” said Andy Halsall, Poa!’s CEO as quoted by The Star.

The service provider has many users in Kibera and has recently opened services in Kawangware.

“Our aim is that this move to Internet ‘time’ instead of data counting - right down to the smallest unit of one hour - will put our users onto a completely different plane of communication and Internet use, “ he added.

When watching movies or using apps such as YouTube most subscribers would pay around Sh700 for a two hour film which is roughly 700MB of data , however with Poa! Internet time bundles, it would only cost Sh20.

“We genuinely believe that in our mission to give every Kenyan Internet access, moving to ultra-low cost unlimited bundles is a game changer,” said Halsall.