Kalenjin ladies are the undisputed queens of the hearts of men. They make the best wives and care for their families. 

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The Kalenjins posses all the feminine qualities that very serious man yearn for. 

My friend once dated a Kalenjin lady and he has a testimony. He has changed preference and taste in women. He has since stuck to Kalenjin ladies and says, "a man who has never dated a Kalenjin is yet to enjoy a relationship."

Here are verifiable reasons why men should date a Kalenjin woman;

They ever embrace feminity

Kalenjin women forever embrace feminity regardless of public advocacy. They assume the role of a wife even if they hold a higher office and get more salary than their husbands. They take tremendous pride in their feminity.

They are submissive

Kalenjin women submit to boldness and dominance of their men. They respect their husbands as head of the family. When their men speak to them, they relax and listen. Even when you are in an argument, they will go from a Tiger to a Kitten and wholly surrender themselves.

They are loyal

They take loyalty to whole other level. They will ride or die with you in any circumstance. They will not run from you when you are in a problem. They embrace loyalty with enthusiasm and fervor that women from other tribes don't match.

Fulfills marital chore

Having sex with a Kalenjin lady will change your preference forever. The passion they exhibit is real, raw and authentic. They live to please you between the sheets and have an insatiable desire to be dominated. And when they 'come' they do so in volcanic outputs.

They are motherly

They have the instinct to care for children, even those not their own, which is a powerful trait of a woman. They are well bred with attributes of care and respect for the ones they love.

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