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Atheist president Harison Mumia falls in love

Grace Mwende
Sex doll named Samantha (Photo/Business Today)

Controversial atheist’s chairman Harrison Mumia has described the newly introduced sex doll Samantha as his ideal wife. 

Mumia who has been a 'senior bachelor' for long says that his bachelor life may be coming to an end. 

He describes some of the attributes that made him fall in love with Samantha as being pretty and doesn’t have mood swings.

“Samantha could be the perfect solution to my bachelor situation. She is pretty, flat tummy, big boobs and she will forever remain pretty! She doesn’t nag and doesn’t need makeup. Oh she doesn’t age, doesn't grow fat and she cannot get pregnant. And most importantly doesn’t believe in god, wait, no mood swings associated with periods! Samantha is everything I want in a wife. #Samantha” wrote Harrison Mumia on Facebook. 

The doll has been trending on social media with many Nairobi men saying they are ready to settle down with them in the house. 

 Like Mumia, a number of city youths have said the invention is timely since real life relationships with city girls was beginning to get impossible due to the high demands these relationships come with. 

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