Embakasi East MP Babi Owino. [PHOTO/nation.co.ke]

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Embakasi East MP Babu Owino will no longer play the good boy role his recent baptism imposed on him.

This is according to a message he sent out after being released from police custody on Sunday.

Since the Christmas season began, the legislator has maintained a low profile where he has avoided drama in the public light. 

But speaking to the press moments after he was released Sunday afternoon, Babu said his earlier resolve to cease drama had been abrogated by the Friday arrest.

“I was baptised and I promised to be a different leader but they have now baptised me with fire,” he said.

The MP claimed that some 17 police officers had arrested him in a cruel manner that saw him manhandled.

He was thrown in for allegedly assaulting a parking attendant in Westlands.