Summary of Luanda Magere's story  [] 

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Lwanda Magere was a traditional Luo warrior who guided the Luos in fighting there enemies who were the Kalenjins in the wars of the olden days. He belonged to the Sidho clan in Kanoo.

The Kalenjins fought him but kept on losing until the leaders sat down and came up with possible solutions of defeating Lwanda Magere who had unrealistic powers when it comes to war. 

The Nandi leaders concluded that they would give Lwanda Magere a beautiful woman from there clan to marry. They selected the most beautiful girl and sent her to Lwanda. However, Luo leaders urged him not to accept the girl but Lwanda went ahead and married her.

One day it happened that Lwanda Magere fell sick and because his first wife was away, his second wife from the Kalenjin community had to find medicine for him. She went for the medicine and when she came back, Lwanda instructed her to cut his shadow with a knife and instill the medicine.

She was surprised when she saw the shadow bleeding. During the night, she secretly left Lwanda's home and went back to her community where she was received with joy. She narrated to them that Lwanda's shadow had flesh and was the point of his weakness. 

The Luos knew that the Kalenjins would not attack them again after giving them there woman. However, they broke into war with Luos but Lwanda was still so terrible to them. He fought and killed many them. 

When Lwanda tried to escape, one of the Nandi warriors remembered that Lwanda had powers in his shadow, he went to a hill, threw a spear into Lwanda's shadow. He fell down, died and his body turned into a smooth stone.

The stone is present upto date along River Nyando in Muhoroni constituency, Kisumu county and is a tourist site.