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Chikungunya could be linked to polio, says PLWD official

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Coast persons living with disabilities groups’ Chair Khamisa Maalim Zajjah. [Photo/Maxwell]

People living with disabilities at the Coast have called on the Ministry of Health to conduct deep research on Chikungunya disease as it may contain some elements that cause polio disease.

The Coast Person living with disabilities organisation said that it was surprising for people unable to walk when affected by the disease a situation that may link Chikungunya disease with polio.

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday, Coast person living with disabilit’ groups Chair Khamisa Maalim Zajjah said that the recent research done was not so conclusive and that a proper research from professional doctors and other international health experts should be included in giving satisfying results concerning the disease.

She said that though the County government was trying to eradicate the problem by conducting fumigation exercise, Chikungunya outbreak in Mombasa was poorly handled.

“Many residents have been suffering from the disease without knowing any proper medication to treat it, we need a serious action and proper coordination between the Ministry of health and the Mombasa health department over eradication of Chikungunya disease,” she said.

She insisted that persons living with disabilities are worried because it is through such poor medication given to locals that leads to severe pains in the body and victims cannot walk.

“If a person cannot walk, or hold something firmly with their hands that shows Chikungunya may contain elements that cause polio disease, the research should go dipper and dispel our fear,” added Khamisa.

Last week, Mombasa County government through its Health executive member Hazel Koitaba said that Chikungunya disease has dropped by 7 percent in the county, though Khamisa feels that the disease is still biting hard as many locals are now badly affected especially in Likoni Sub-County. 

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