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CJ David Maraga should be the president come 2022

Stephen Mwaniki

Chief Justice David Maraga taking an oath to assume duties in the High Court. [Photo/Nation Media Group]

Chief justice David Maraga is well known by Kenyans especially after he nullified the 8th August elections.

He is known as a hero to many for making a decision that has never been made in Kenyan history before.

With his tough and strong decision to stand unshaken in defending the constitution, he stands a better chance to be the next president of Kenya come 2022.

Maraga, who is from Nyamira county, is a leader to the Gusii people and has been used in political campaigns by both Nasa and Jubilee.

He succeeded Willy Mutunga on October 18, 2016, to be the Chief Justice.

Kenyan politicians are known to play dirty games to gain popularity but Maraga's fierce decision made him shine thus "building his name"

Come 2022, if CJ Maraga decides to run for the seat, he is likely to gain 50+1 votes thus emerging the winner.

"CJ David Maraga should be the next President of Kenya. He is our leader and we hope he can consider saving Kenya," John Otao, a youth leader in Kisii central said.

David Maraga is set to retire on 12th January 2021 after attaining retirement age (70years) but this age is favourable to run for the presidency.

For quite some time since the passing on of George Anyona, Gusii community has never had a prominent leader in the political arena and maybe Maraga might be the best option.

All decisions, however, rely on Chief Justice David Maraga.

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