The handshake that was recently witnessed between the Majority Leader in the national assembly, Aden Dualle, and his arch political rival, Farah Maalim, did not go down well with some Auwliyan elders in the region, who termed the truce between the two leaders as personal. 

The elders were speaking at a local restaurant where they distanced the duo's reconciliation from their family political affiliation. 

An elder, who identified himself as Abdullahi Aden, argued that the course taken by the Secretary-General of Wiper Democratic Party was a unilateral decision, and had nothing to do with the political stand of the Awliyahan community 

"We saw it on social media, radio, and TV, the purported reconciliation between the two leaders. As elders of Auwliyan community, we distance ourselves from such clandestine deal which was transpired by pecuniary interest," Said Abdullahi.

The elders accused the former speaker of the national assembly, and also who hails from Auwliyan tribe, of betrayal, and challenged him to declare his position politically since the family has unanimously withdrawn their support from him, courtesy of his unilateral move of decamping from the political stand of the family.

" As a community, our political stand is very clear. If honorable Farah has decided to decamp, then that is his inherent right as enshrined in our constitution. But we would not allow someone to use this expansive community as rubber-stamp for self-interest and political gain," the elder added.

The two leaders met on Friday, April 13, at Garissa and agreed to shelve their political differences for the sake of welfare of Garissa populace.