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Eastlando is overrated; Ngong Road has hottest matatu in town [Photos]

Tus Ajemi

A photo of Nairobi's hottest matatu. [PHOTO/SDE]

The normal talk of Eastlands being the core of Nairobi's culture is a fallacy.

At least not as far as matatus are concerned.


Ngong Road has been producing Nairobi's hottest matatus (since First World War) and now another new piece of beauty has hit the road. 

Dubbed Kixx, the mathree

 has been the talk of town over its outstanding design and unique features.



 grafitti is world class, coming with an airbrush finish. 

It also boasts of a bull-bar (push bumper installed on the front of a vehicle to protect its front from collisions) which illuminates at night.


“It is a New Year gift for our passengers. It is one of the best mathrees in terms of comfort. We have also invested heavily on the leather seats,” said John Ouma, one of the matatu's crew.

It also has huge screens installed with the best mix of music coming from an excellent sound system. 

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