Former chair for the Kenya National Library Services Board (KNLSB) Samuel Nyangeso has urged the Jubilee Party to consider youths in its leadership.

Nyangeso feels the youth have been left out of the party's leadership and in favour of the old guard.

"The Jubilee Party has sidelined youths who are the future leaders from its leadership and instead it's now being driven by old people. We should train and mentor them on leadership because they will take mantle when we are tired", said Nyangeso.

He spoke on Sunday at Geta PAG Churchgrounds during a fundraising, where he called on all leaders to be accountable with the public funds and stop corruption.

The former Kisii municipal council mayor said corruption had become a national disaster, right from the county governments to the central government.

"Both the government and opposition are ridden by corruption and this has left the common mwananchi suffering. It's a call to all leaders to unite and fight this common enemy; corruption," he added.

Similar sentiments were echoed by lawyer Steve Mogaka, a West Mugirango parliamentary seat hopeful.