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Exams postponed to pave way for quality education.

Stephen Mwaniki

Kisii University, where the school of law has postponed exams. [Photo/magazine reel]

Law students of Kisii university have boycotted exams which are set to the done on January 15.

Although the other faculties are ready for the exams, the law students said they have not covered their semester's syllabus fully for them to sit for the exams as they are looking forward to quality education rather than just clearing with the semester.

The main exams were to be sat on last year, December 11 but were postponed to January due to the lecturers' strike which paralysed learning in various university across the country.

This has brought about different opinions among the other students, who do not take the law course, arguing out that they too need quality education as they have not completed their units' content.

"Law is delicate and needs serious coverage of the syllabus, therefore, we have postponed our exams to give time for winding up," Faith Kerubo, a students leader (academic secretary) and a law student in the university said.

"They should take these other courses as serious as they are taking law. We too pay fees like them and we need the same attention!" Brian Kati, a media student said.

The school of law exam has been pushed to 19th February 2018.

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