Did you know that bathing daily can cause you infections? It sounds ridiculous but what about taking a look at what science dictates? 

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Experts have warned that bathing excessively can lead to skin hydration causing it to become dry and cracked. This allows penetration of germs.

According to Dr Brandon Mitchell, assistant professor of darmatology at George Washington University, bathing regularly strips off the skin its natural oil which can disrupt good bacteria that boots the body's immune system. He advises bathing just twice a week is sufficient.He urges people who wish to shower daily to only do so when their skin feels hydrated.

He recommends that people should not latter their entire body while bathing but should focus on smelly areas such as armpits and feet.

"Your body is usually a well-oiled machine. I think most people over-bathe," says Dr Mitchell.

He goes ahead to advise that those with dry hair to wash it every few weeks and those people with scalp issues like dandruff should consider shampooing it a couple of days in a week.

On the other hand, Dr Larson insists that people should put more attention to washing hands frequently and their clothes, which collect dead skin cells to reduce the risk of illness. 

According to researchers from University of Utah people who bath regularly have the highest diversity of bacteria and genetic function.

However, the researchers did not comment on how often people should bathe.