Road Safety Association of Kenya Chairman David Kiarie now says that the Nissan matatu involved in an accident that claimed 8 lives in Nyakwere area on Monday this week had faulty speed governor.

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Kiarie said they also suspect that the driver who perished in the accident was ill experienced.

Kiarie also said their preliminary observations indicated that the speed governor installed in the matatu belonging to Kimisahline Sacco was also faulty.

Speaking on Friday at Katito police post where the written off vehicle was towed to, Kiarie said they have established that some drivers are tampering with the digital speed governors installed in PSVs.

He challenged the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to take action against the Sacco and ensure families of those who died in the accident are compensated.

He advised the authority to suspended the Sacco and all their drivers and conductors from operating and proper afresh vetting done for them as a way to bring discipline to the matatu sector.

"We want to see the Sacco held accountable and responsible for the deaths,” said Kiarie.

Kiarie also faulted the Law Society of Kenya for opposing laws by NTSA meant to streamline the transport sector.

He said they are at advance stages of developing a bill and taking it to parliament to ensure that accident victims get compensation from insurance firms without passing through court process.

Speed Governors Association Chairman Edward Njoroge said the NTSA and the police should work extra hard to ensure that matatus are not hampering with the speed governors.

Nyando traffic base commander Nashon Amwai said the Kimisahline Sacco has a total of 63 registered vehicle.