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Five best ways to avoid masturbation addiction

jay daudi
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Masturbation is a major problem to the youth nowadays. 

Just like alcohol, many teenagers both male and female suffer from this addiction. 

Ever wondered how you can avoid it? 

Worry no more because the following ways will teach on the way to avoid and stop the addiction.

Avoid being alone: 

The feeling of loneliness while at home alone is a major cause of masturbation. Keep the doors open while at home and invite your friends to give you company

Be patient and show your man how to satisfy you. : Women masturbate for lack of being satisfied. as a woman, understand the places of your body that turn you on and tell our man to focus on them. 

Give him time to understand your body and you will be surprised at how he can make you orgasm.

Keep yourself busy: People say an empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Keep yourself busy at all times. 

Wash your dishes and do your laundry. You can even watch movies or listen to music. Just find other hobbies to keep yourself occupied

Avoid pornography: Porn is the biggest cause of masturbation. 

Cut down on watching porn and starve your mind of the ill ideas whenever you are alone.

Reconnect with people: Talk about your addiction to people you trust. 

They can help you with ideas on how to avoid your addiction to masturbation. 

People like relatives, friends, and priest can be a good source to turn to for your problems

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