Emergency contraceptives have been hailed as a freedom tool aiding women to be in control of their reproduction. It acts as a backup plan when one happens to be caught guard down by circumstances in a moment of erotic weakness. The EC come in various names giving a sense of variety but perform a similar role of preventing pregnancy when the recipient is not ready for it. However, sometimes the pills fail terribly and pregnancy results. Here could be the reasons behind it: 

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Throwing up after taking the emergency contraceptives

Throwing up within an hour of taking the EC necessitates another dose as the body has not had enough time to metabolize the one you had taken earlier. Some pills contain estrogen which leads to nausea thus increasing the chances of throwing up. Pregnancy can result if a follow-up dose is not taken.

If you are obese or overweight

Being overweight makes emergency pills less effective. According to planned parenthood which is an online medical website, When your BMI is over 25, the emergency contraceptive is less likely to be effective.

Delaying taking the emergency contraceptive

Most emergency contraceptives are effective when taken within 72 hours. This means that the sooner you take them the higher chances that they will work. Taking the pills as soon as one has had unprotected sex is recommended to reduce the stakes.

Having unprotected sex just before or after ovulation

Most emergency pills prevent pregnancy by delaying ovulation. When you take the pills after you have already ovulated, there are high chances that you will get pregnant as there is little that the pills can do to prevent it.

Having more unprotected sex after taking the emergency contraceptive

Emergency contraceptives only delay ovulation but do not stop it therefore further engagement in unprotected sex increases the chances of a pregnancy. Most emergency pills have an active working window of 72 hours and anything beyond that increases the likelihood of pregnancy significantly.