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Four messaging signs that she’s crushing on you

Denis Joseph
Heart eyes emoji. During messaging the use of love themed emoji signals love. [Photo/]

It is never easy for a man to realize that the girl he always talks to has a crush on him as a result, they let a good opportunity pass through their fingers. This how to know through her text messages;

She uses ‘love’ emoji: There is no other sign that you need than when she is sending you love themed emoji to know that she has a crush on. Some will even use heart emoji signaling how you have influenced their emotions. The emoji are always accompanied by a loving message or any written words that signal her love for you.

She will write it: Yes, some girls never like taking chances and when she has a crush on you she will write it down for you to see. If she says that she is crushing on you, believe her because it is not everyday girls gather such courage to tell those they love the truth, so count yourself lucky and work on it.

Unnecessary laughing: This will be aimed at showing how ‘funny’ you are and how she enjoys your company. She will use laughing emoji even where they are not needed. When a person is enjoying your company it only means that they want to spend a significant time in their life with you. Therefore, it is evident that she is crushing on you.

She will show uncertainty to questions you ask her: When you ask her whether she would like to hang out with you and it is just two days into knowing her she will not know whether to accept or decline, sure, she will decline and then accept and again decline and then accept. This is a sign that she likes you.

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