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Four reasons why Nairobi is the best place to bring up kids

Jasmine Die'rre
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A group of children taken a picture.[photo caption/VOA]

Nairobi is a big city with lots of challenges. For this reason, parents always have a second thought when it comes to bringing up their children in this city. 

Besides the difficulties, Nairobi still stands to be the perfect city for bringing up kids as it has many advantages compared to other towns.

Here are some of the reasons why Nairobi city is the best place.


Bringing up children in Nairobi helps kids a lot when it comes to relating with kids from different backgrounds. Through this type of interaction, kids will be able to grow up with no mentality of discriminating other people. Also, the kid will grow up being friendly to new people that he/she meets in life.

Presence of good schools

Taking children to good schools is always the happiest thing for every parent. In Nairobi, there are good school which parents can take their kids where their kids can learn and grow up fully equipped with knowledge.

Good hospitals

Most of the good hospitals are located in Nairobi. In cases of emergencies where a kid needs to be taken to the best hospitals available, Nairobi is the place to be. For this case, living in Nairobi eases the speed when some emergencies tend to occur.

Availability of suitable playing grounds

Most of the kids in Nairobi don’t lack playing grounds when it comes to having fun. There are frequent events available in courtesy of the kids, a place where parents can take their kids to have fun and interact with other kids.

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